Farmers’ Day

Annually on the second Friday in April Agristart arranges a Farmers’ day for Black Commercial farmers as well as those developing farmers who strives to become commercial in the future on the farm Welverdiend of Cois Harman in the Marico Bush veldt.  During the April Farmers’ day, training is done practically on different aspects of stock farming like vaccinations, how and where to inject, AI, how to take fewer to confirm that an animal is sick or not and how to treat such an animal. Dehorning, marking, tattooing, branding, diseases medicine, dip, licks and feeds for the cattle. 

During the September Farmers’ day annually on the second Friday in September we arrange as many as possible service providers to exhibit their products and services to all the farmers attending that day. The aim is to link the farmers with the service providers directly and to establish proper relationships to empower the farmers to get connected to the best and quality services directly to the farmer.

Agristart has managed throughout the many years to nominate successful farmers to take part in the annual Grain SA developing farmer of the year, the developing commercial cattle farmer of SA of the year and the New Harvest Award winner of SA of the year. Agristart have managed to have despite of one year not nominating, annually a finalist for this special award ceremony since it started in 2008. We already managed to have two New harvest Award winners in 2008 and 2012. We already have several developing cattle farmers who win this award like Albanius Dipale, Ponki Makinita, Abel Naphtaly, Adv Benjamin Ratshikana and maybe a few more in the future.